Sunday, 4 January 2015

Re: Pot holes and bumpy roads in Petaling Jaya

Dear Councillors of the MBPJ,

My car ran over a pothole with a big bang whilst turning left into Jalan Utara at the top of the exit ramp from the Federal Highway adjacent to Menara Axis.

The stretch of road along Persiaran PP Narayanan after you turn left from Jalan 14.48 is terribly uneven and dangerous.

A stretch of road on Jalan Templer is also similarly bumpy and uneven.

If the DBKL can make utility companies hire its approved contractors to resurface roads after they have dug it up, why can't MBPJ do the same for us?

Also, why not coordinate these telecoms and utility companies to do all the work they need to do at each location at the same time and save us residents the misery of having to put up with roadworks after road works?

Petaling Jaya has become a glorified middle class slum of late.

Do you have the courage to take the bull by its horns or will it be business as usual?


DBKL to hire its own contractors to avoid shoddy road repairs

UTILITY companies are no longer allowed to hire their own contractors to dig roads and patch it up after laying underground cables in Kuala Lumpur as their work is shoddy.

The task of hiring contractors for the job now falls under the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL).

Federal Territories Minister Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor said the ministry had received many complaints on potholes appearing on the patched- up stretches of road in the capital city.

He added that the utility companies had been awarding contracts to unscrupulous contractors who were not resurfacing the roads properly after installing the cables, which had caused potholes to appear later.

“Sometimes the contractors even dumped cement into the drains.

“The utility companies now will have to refer to mayor Datuk Seri Ahmad Phesal Talib who will appoint contractors for them,” he said during a press conference after flagging off DBKL’s Humanitarian Aid team to Kuala Krai, Kelantan at Menara DBKL 1 yesterday.

A City Hall source said it had stopped issuing work permits to utility companies for the past two weeks.

He said a meeting was held with the utility companies last week and they were told that representatives from the companies would have to be present during roadworks.

“We will cancel the work permit if we find there are no supervisors at the site when our enforcement officers and technical engineers go for their rounds to monitor the projects,” he said.

Tengku Adnan also said that they would also be relooking at DBKL’s own contractors who were appointed through tenders to perform maintenance work on city roads.

“Some of them are not doing the work they were hired to do. We will look into assigning contractors for certain areas and they will become our eyes in the area. We know Jakarta in Indonesia is using this method,” he said.

On the humanitarian aid, Tengku Adnan said they had sent 120 DBKL staff with 40 vehicles including lorries, water tankers and mobile offices to help in the cleaning works in Kelantan.

He said DBKL has also sent a mobile clinic and ambulances with the team. “After that, they will communicate with the National Security Committee for further instructions.

“We will also set up a collection fund, which will be launched next week, to collect money for flood aftermath needs such as cleaning, addressing health issues and rebuilding the areas that were flooded,” he said, adding they had sent 40 to 50 tonnes of supplies to the flood victims so far.

Meanwhile, on the flash floods occurring in Jalan Ipoh, Ahmad Phesal said they would remove the rocks from Sungai Gombak to help alleviate the rising waters.


Section 14
Petaling Jaya

On Sat, 2015-01-03 at 11:47 +0800, David KC Foo wrote:
Dear councilors of PJ,
(and especially residents of Section 10 and those going to Catholic High School)
Some claim that there is a silver lining in every cloud.
For PJ, perhaps the recent tragic misfortune of our east cost countrymen has complimented us with a little time favour. 
The weather may have, sadly and unfairly, impeded CWM and Mangkubumi in their open air works which involves partitioning off numerous roads in the city. Hence, to date, we still have some roads in the vicinity of public schools substantially narrowed down.

In view of the stark realities of traffic associated with the beginning school years, it is my humble opinion that all works on roads around and leading to public schools be stopped for two weeks from 12th January 2015. All holes must be covered up temporarily and all hoardings to narrow these roads should be removed not later than 10th January 2015 so as to enable the full availability of these roads.
I am making this call with a view to enhancing safety of those going to schools and work site people and facilities. This call is also to facilitate traffic and mobility and minimize wastage of time and fuel (which translates into foreign exchange losses).

Can we please make this happen in the next seven days?
Best regards

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